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According to KRIV Fox 26, Dr. Tameca bandage dresses for cheap Richardson, director of school support rally at the campus made ​​the remarks at Jack Yates High School female students in Houston. A spokesman for the Houston Independent School District confirmed Richardson language used at stations.

Some parents expressed outrage Richardson's terminology, language doctoral -level educators should use to say, this is not too offensive."That was out of line, she should be disciplined, the" Cynthia Wang, a student Yates's mother, told Fox 26.

"You do not know what these girls half from home or from any of these kids for you to make such a statement coming and you do not know their cheap bandage dresses online conditions of life, you do not know their parents financial situation, it may be that they have wear Well this is reckless, added:"The King. However, Richardson's support other parents.

"If the young ladies dressed portray the way" street hoes' are dressed this way, I think it is appropriate to bring it to their manager's attention, tell them we have a dress code here, we put't want you to dress like a' hoe'because it is not appropriate,"said Mary Owens, a student's mother said Yates.

While managers have good intentions, wholesale bandage dresses and trying to instill a sense of pride and purpose of the student, and her approach and tone are likely not appropriate, not approved area. Community apology, who was offended, and want to ensure that families and community members of all students Yates which no longer occurred.

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