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Probably around 2002, the new salomon shoes began to flow into the Chinese market from the factory. For the first impression of the new shoes, I feel there is a retro feel, like, like to spend the old mark adidas clover produced retro salomon running shoes, salomon is not also affected, of course, this is just a retro feel Salomon Appearance the.
Let's look at a photo trekking Series family members (salomon shoes there are various models for each region, but the domestic market is more common models I listed)

Skin using a turn fur, this is my favorite, than light skin to durable, not easy to be kicked scarred.
Needless to say outsole contagrip, but this has not the same as before, it is now all use the contagrip2, concrete and contagrip I do not see much difference between Salomon trail running shoes the data so it is not clear, of course, is always better than new rubber in general old to be good.

protrek 5 gore-tex protrek 5 This shoe has several different versions, my last chapter first photo is the climb dry version, this is a gore-tex version, but this shoe is still a little doubt (refer to the domestic market I have seen that a few pairs). Is the Adventure trek 7 gore-tex how to look a bit retro feel, I mean to do with EVA midsole protrek 5, protrek 6. Two pairs of Salomon shoes are more alike, we took protrek 6 is speak.

The midsole is EVA, of course, there are still patterns. It is the use of two different densities of EVA put together. By weight than the PU (polyurethane) 33% lighter rubber, one layer at a lower density EVA layer can effectively absorb the impact force. The following is a thin layer of high density EVA (see protrek6 images, piece which can be seen throughout the entire sole of the sole it is daisy yellow lines), it is rather hard because of the high density, so it can provide better the load bearing capacity. And different sizes of shoes with EVA midsole density is not the same, large size to be a little hard. Finally, according to my observation and comparison, the EVA density salomon shoes of different models is not the same, this is definitely designed for different purposes, as for salomon speedcross 3 womens what purpose, I am afraid to use the density is not much I can say out of, needed for the kinematics of an expert.

Protrek6 a relatively typical pair of shoes, as if to see where something had to award. Actual use is still very satisfied feeling down, but when the family first LD feeling a little wear foot wear, I did not feel. There used to walking shoes are rugged mountain, walking on asphalt road a long time, then it would be more painful soles of the feet, of course, I will not be wearing these shoes in Malaysia on the road to try out this feeling of, happened there are times to go down the mountain after salomon mens shoes about 4,5 km asphalt road on the soles of the feet feel pain.

Lace holes I mentioned earlier with a self-locking, the protrek 6 Number of salomon womens shoes pictures from the top three is with self-locking lace holes, and it is still very easy to use, hard to mention laces up it locked. Other aspects: gore-tex, toe kick protection, protective rubber heel lap belt is also a symbol of the new features, can effectively protect the leather heel of this ring, according to salomon argument can also provide better cushioning and supporting salomon womens shoes role.