San Diego Annual Report


According to " San Diego Union-Tribune " reported , the famous American golf [ microblogging ] golfer Phil Mickelson suddenly announced that he will not be a professional MLB when the San Diego Padres (San Diego Padres) of the club .

Tuesday night , Phil Mickelson at Torrey Pines North Course when he talked about the renovation project for the first time that he has abandoned his hometown MLB team.

"I want to participate in the San Diego Padres , cheap mlb jerseys you have to put in long wholeheartedly ." Mickelson said, " I was born here , grew up here , but at this moment, I can not do to the city , as well as team as a long-term commitment . "

Mickelson said that in the past six weeks in a moment , he has informed the San Diego Padres shareholders, he would not join them .

October , when Mickelson once said : "There are many factors to do with the timing of changes in every kind of thing will happen with my career , cheap san diego jerseys what would happen long-term , so it will be how to san diego padres mission deal with everything . should be taken into account , we need a clear understanding . "

It is not clear what changes, Mickelson did not go into detail about what the reasons behind this decision was made ​​.


Annual Report