Alternatives to Detention

Helping youth and families be heard and overcome challenges during interactions with law enforcement

Alternatives to Detention (ATD) partners with youth and their families to turn potentially frustrating and challenging interactions with law enforcement, Juvenile Court, and Probation into overall positive experiences in which families’ voices are heard and their needs are prioritized. ATD provides detention alternatives to low-risk juvenile offenders to successfully transition out of the Juvenile Justice system and avoid recidivism. Youth and their families receive the resources needed to navigate the juvenile justice system and address the needs underlying the youth’s arrest.

Services Include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Intensive Case Management and Family Services
  • Non-Secure Shelter (Cool Bed Services)
  • Case Advocacy
  • Family Conflict Mediation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention
  • Academic Enhancement
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Home and School Visitations