Community Assessment Team

Youth deserve a second chance. The Community Assessment Team (CAT) specializes in partnering with youth seeking stability due to risk of involvement in the criminal justice or dependency systems. Youth and families receive support from a highly skilled team which provides comprehensive supportive services, resource coordination, and connections. Working to Insure and Nurture Girls’ Success (WINGS) and Teen Court are innovative components of this program. 542 youth participated in the CAT program this past year!

Fun Fact: 98.8% of participants checked 90 days after completing the program have successfully not re-offended.

WINGS collaborates closely with probation officers to ensure culturally responsive engagement to young women who have run into the juvenile justice system for the first time.

Teen Court exemplifies restorative justice. Youth arrested and involved with the justice system for the first time have their case review by a jury of their teen peers. Accepting responsibility for their offense and successful completion of program ensures that the charge will not be moved forward to Juvenile Court and the minor will not have an arrest on his/her record. Not only were 94% of youth cases successful, 75 students were trained as peer jurors on the juvenile justice system including principles of restorative justice.

Diversion provides clinical support for kids and families dealing with grief, loss, trauma, gang violence, and more.

Successes and Highlights:

  • 83% of participants increased resiliency
  • 93% of Diversion, 96% of WINGS, and 94% of Teen Court youth improved resiliency
  • Out of 497 kids checked for re-offenses 90 days after completing the program, 98.8% were found to have not re-offended

Locations: SAY Administrative Office and SAY Mid City Family Resource Center

Funding Partner: San Diego County Probation

Sign Up Today: We work with families with youth (ages 6–18) at risk for involvement in the criminal justice or dependency systems. Participants are primarily accepted through direct referrals from County Probation Officers.

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Teen Court Contact:
Jessica Rathbun
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