San Diego Dads Corps

San Diego Dads Corps is a SAY San Diego program designed to help men thrive as parents, partners, and providers. The goals are to promote and sustain a healthy marriage, promote responsible fatherhood, and foster economic sustainability. Participation is voluntary and at no cost to eligible fathers.

Please note that some Dads Corps services will be on hold or limited due to recent funding changes, as of October 2015, but various services continue to be available through SAY programs to support fathers who need parenting and wage-earner support. Please contact Laura Soto at 619-283-0044 x374 or gro.o1490456345geidn1490456345asyas1490456345@otos1490456345l1490456345 for more information about available services.

The Dads Corps Alumni Program operating out of the Military Family Resource Center is continuing to meet monthly and will administer the Dads Corps scholarships and host quarterly dad and family events. For more information contact Danny Romero at gro.o1490456345geidn1490456345asyas1490456345@orem1490456345ord1490456345 or 858-496-0044 x107.