Parent Empowerment Academies

Raising kids can be tough! No one can do it alone—it takes a village! The Parent Empowerment Academies (PEA) allow parents and families to come together to support each other, make new friends, and get great parenting and child development knowledge and information.

Fun Fact: 76% of participants found the sessions “very helpful.”

Workshop topics range from parent/youth relationship building, academic success and common core, positive communication techniques, discipline and limit setting, to preparing for deployment and reunification, bullying, behavioral, developmental and mental health, stress management, and self-care.

Additional interactive and educational opportunities include parent leadership development, participatory planning, self-advocacy training, and personalized post-PEA check-ins.

Successes and Highlights:

  • Parents and youth build resiliency though increased knowledge of parenting, social connections, resource awareness, and self-determination.
  • Family isolation is reduced as parents form relationships and peer supports.
  • Student attendance and academic success improve.
  • 76% of participants reported the sessions were personally “very helpful.”
  • 83% of participants reported that they will “very much” be able to use the information and activities they learned with their children.

“I don’t make apologies for my child anymore. I can present his needs and scenarios on how these needs are not being met, causing behavior. I do not allow my child to slip through the cracks!” Mother of a special needs child

Locations: Serra High School, Farb Middle School, DePortola Middle School, and Miller Elementary

Funding Partners: San Diego Unified School District, Zable Family Foundation, and the Zell Family Foundation

Sign Up Today: Open to all, this program is geared toward families with school-age children, particularly those with exceptional needs attending the Serra Cluster of San Diego Unified Public Schools.