Tobacco Retail Licensing: Community Resources

If you are a community member interested in protecting your neighbors, especially youth, from tobacco exposure and addiction, we can help. The resources below provide information about the impact flavored tobacco products, including vape, have had on young people. Studies, data, and factsheets will explain the benefits of having a Tobacco Retail Licensing policy in place to better protect your community’s health.


Tobacco Retail Licensing: Policy Maker Resources

The benefits of passing a comprehensive Tobacco Retail Licensing policy are numerous. Ending the sale of flavored tobacco in your jurisdiction protects your communities’ youth from a lifetime of addiction. Restricting tobacco marketing protects Priority Populations from Big Tobacco’s targeted efforts to addict more youth and people of color. The environmental impact of less tobacco litter in our streets, waterways, and beaches will be a game-changer.

The resources below provide case studies of TRLs in California jurisdictions, the impact flavored tobacco has had on your young people’s health, and data to support the implementation of a robust Tobacco Retail License.