Wellness Webinars

Whole Family Wellness Webinar Series​

As part of SAY's mission to partner with youth, adults, families, and communities to reach their full potential, we hosted the Whole Family Wellness series, which included four wellness webinars throughout 2022.

We would like to thank our guest speakers, Anna de la Paz, Lauren Gray and Tiffany Musick, for their outstanding presentations on a variety of topics that will benefit the entire family.

If you missed any of these resourceful lessons or would simply like to revisit them, we've provided the resources below.


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Cultivating Resilience & Optimism ​

Anna de la Paz, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist discusses best practices for cultivating resilience and optimism in your life.

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Lauren Gray, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker discusses how stress and anxiety can affect us from a physical and psychological perspective.

Moving Toward Mindfulness​

Tiffany Musick, a leadership coach & facilitator, talks about how mindfulness helps us stop and be in the moment so we can be happier & make changes that matter in our lives.

Exploring Emotions

We welcomed Tiffany Musick back to discuss how emotions affect our bodies, minds, and daily lives. Learn about the significance of emotions and the best ways to manage them.

United Healthcare SAY San Diego

We would like to thank UnitedHealth Group Inc. for providing us with the funding to make our Whole Family Wellness Webinar Series possible.