SAY San Diego

Main Office
4775 Viewridge Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123

SAY San Diego

Mid-City Family Resource Center
4275 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92105

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General Contact
858.565.4148 x261
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SAY Agency Directory

Main Office: Viewridge Ave. 858-565-4148
Mid-City Family Resource Center (FRC) 619-283-9624
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nancy Gannon Hornberger 858-565-4148 x234
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jane Drover 858-565-4148 x224
Executive Management Associate Allie Lindsley 858-565-4148 x251
Vice President Organizational Planning Joe Buehrle 858-565-4148 x207
Vice President Resource Development Suzie Colby 858-565-4148 x209
Accounting & Finance Lynn Deng 858-565-4148 x210
Human Resources Angelica Sepulveda 858-565-4148 x248
Information Technology Ben Mortensen 858-565-4148 x203
Marketing & Events Loni Lewis 858-565-4148 x260
Grants Management Todd Kroviak 858-565-4148 x233
Contracts & Compliance Kath Mahan 858-565-4148 x223
Data & Evaluation Jenny Lambert 858-565-4148 x204
Vice President Child and Youth Development Chris Jewell 858-565-4148 x218
Child and Youth Development: Enrollment Colleen Bone 858-565-4148 x232
Child and Youth Development: Before & After School Lini Koria 858-565-4148 x238
Child and Youth Development: Before & After School Iriz Stone 858-565-4148 x236
Child and Youth Development: PrimeTime Ashlee Bradshaw 858-565-4148 x259
Child and Youth Development: Preschool Melanie Gelinas 858-565-4148 x235
Child and Youth Development: Social Worker Morgan Baskett 858-565-4148 x215
Vice President Youth, Adult & Family Wellness Kelly Vales 619-283-9624 x304
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Laura Soto 619-283-9624 x374
Child Abuse Prevention (CSF & Project KEEP) Shannon Throop 619-283-9624 x208
Alternatives to Detention, CAT+, FLEX, & Teen Court Jessica Rathbun 858-565-4148 x269
Community Assessment Team (CAT) Elsa Torres 619-283-9624 x312
Dual Diagnosis Jennifer Johnson 858-492-2340
Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Melanie Von Schroter 858-565-4148 x281
Breaking Cycles & Mental Health for Youth (Central) Alicia Blair 619-283-9624 x332
Reflections Megan Baker 619-463-1378
Vice President Community Engagement Kevin O’Neill 619-283-9624 x301
ATOD Prevention/Community Health & Safety (Central) Mary Baum 619-283-9624 x367
ATOD Prevention/Community Health & Safety (N. Central) Lisa Bridges 858-565-4148 x205
First Five First Steps Jean Saito 619-283-9624 x385
Crawford Community Connection & Dads Club Lucia Acevedo 619-362-3758
Military Family Resource Center Danny Romero 858-565-4148 x107
Miller Elementary Collective Impact Project Catherine Dick 858-496-8319 x153
O’Farrell Family Support Services Mary Skrabucha 619-263-3009 ×2256
Serra Real Connections Shannon Stracener 858-496-8342 x2230