Central Region Prevention Coalition

Youth, residents, and community partners mobilize toward neighborhood and community change to prevent and address the increasing trend of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among adolescents in San Diego County.

Fun Fact: The SAY team regularly receives calls from other cities wanting to learn how to replicate SAY’s work!

The Central Region Prevention Coalition (CRPC) provides training and technical assistance to community members, youth, parents, the business community, and local leaders to develop strategies to reduce the impact of alcohol and drug abuse. Activities include:

  • Youth Town Halls
  • Community Assessments and Prevention Awareness campaigns
  • monitoring on- and off-sale liquor code compliance
  • monitoring illegal marijuana dispensaries and implementing the Crime Free Multi-Housing program.

Additionally, the CRPC has 2 active youth groups:

  • Advocates for Change Today, a multicultural group of teens working in Mid City
  • Critical Voice: Queer Youth Coalition focused on outreaching to the LGBTQ community region wide.

CRPC implements strategies within four San Diego County funded initiatives:

  • The Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative
  • Marijuana Prevention Initiative
  • Meth Strike Force
  • Prescription Drug Task Force
  • Crime Free Multi Unit Housing

This year CRPC partnered with 20+ organizations, 100+ corporate partners, 118 volunteers, and 32 youth leaders!

Successes and Highlights:

  • 2000+ attended the Unity Games! Families and SD Police Officers made up 9 teams of 12 players each.
  • The SAY team completed 122 retail assessments and shared data and information to support operating practices that increase access to healthy food.
  • 7 retailers participated in the “Healthy Retailer Program” to improve their operating standards.
  • A total of 12 local apartment rental companies are now Crime Free Multi Unit Housing certified.
  • SAY staff provided TA to support to the City Attorney’s office in the development of the ordinance that successfully passed and addresses the sale and possession of Spice.
  • Led the way supporting the closure of 4 illegal marijuana dispensaries and created an action-oriented community support system for the City Attorney to advance the effort.
  • There were also 10+ media news stories showcasing successes.

Funding Partner: County of San Diego Alcohol and Drug Services

Join the effort today! Live, work, or play in City Heights, North Park, Hillcrest, Downtown, or anywhere in the Central Region of San Diego? The Central Region Prevention Coalition (CRPC) represents collaborations of adult and youth community residents, school personnel, law enforcement, City and County agencies, faith communities, and many other groups.