San Diego Smoke Free Project

San Diego Smoke-Free (SDSFP)

San Diego Smoke-Free Project takes a multifaceted approach in addressing the tobacco issues impacting our communities.

San Diego Smoke-Free Project is focused on working with the community to develop and strengthen relationships with a variety of partners. A diverse group of individuals and organizations advise staff on project activities and outcomes.

Our Focus areas are:

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

To protect children and residents from secondhand and thirdhand smoke exposure, SDSFP promotes the adoption of a smoking and vaping ban in multi-unit housing. Such policies have been adopted in over 100 jurisdictions within California, benefitting residents, property managers, and owners alike.

Tobacco Retail Licensing

To reduce the likelihood of San Diego youth starting to smoke or vape, SDSFP works to implement a ban on all flavored tobacco products, from cotton candy to menthol. SDSFP provides education to elected officials about Tobacco Retail Licensing (TRL) policies to support the flavor ban implementation and enforcement. TRLs are becoming more common throughout the state, with several jurisdictions within San Diego County already having one in place.

Youth Coalition

To champion and empower San Diego’s young people, SDSFP facilitates a youth coalition, [name*]. Members learn about tobacco and nicotine, including how the Tobacco Industry uses predatory marketing to target their age group. The coalition members serve as mentors, supporting their peers in accessing cessation services, Members also join in civic engagement, educating their community leaders and elected officials on how vape and other tobacco products impact youth.

San Diego Smoke-Free Project is funded by the California Tobacco Control Program.