Dads Corps



Dads Corps:

The Dads Corps program is FREE and open to all fathers including Civilian Dads, Active Duty Dads, Veteran Dads, and Dads-To-Be!  Dad Corps provides fathers opportunities to thrive as “Parents, Partners, and Providers.”

Dads Corps understands the unique challenges of parenting.  We support dads by sharing new insights and approaches to parenting allowing YOU to develop new skills and tools to support your family unit regardless of your situation.  Dads Corps follows a nationally recognized parenting curriculum and utilizes peer-based group learning in supporting fathers gain a foundation of the pillars of fatherhood through dialogue, shared experience, and parental modeling by connecting to other dads through each session.  Our program will cover topics including, “Discipline, Communication, Healthy Lifestyles, Financial Security, Job Readiness and more.”

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Participants will also be able to access:

  • New ways to connect with kids
  • Parenting tips & tricks
  • Handling challenges in uncertain times
  • Alumni network
  • In-person and virtual learning format*
  • Employment Services
  • Legal Resources
  • Supportive Services
  • Private Instruction (if requested)
  • Resource Referrals
  • Scholarships for career advancement, training, and/or general support assistance
  • Family-friendly activities and excursions
  • And More

Dads Corps has been named as a Federal Grantee from the Office of Family Assistance for the Fatherhood FIRE Project.  Our program welcomes all dads to participate in future classes.  So whether expecting your first child, looking for new ways of handling your child’s behavior, or seeking to create a stronger relationship with your child(ren), Dads Corps is a place where we welcome you to hang your hat!  Join our brotherhood network today!!!


Dads Corps has a proud history serving well over 1,000 fathers and families since 2008.  GET CONNECTED TODAY!