San Diego Military Family Collaborative

The San Diego Military Family Collaborative’s mission provides an inclusive forum to maximize the collective impact of community resources to enhance military family life.

More than anywhere else in the nation, active duty military, returning veterans and their families call San Diego home.

Local research confirms what San Diego Military Family Collaborative (SDMFC) organizations had heard regularly from families: “There are an overwhelming number of services out there….I have no idea where to start!” and “We have been here several years, I wish I would have known about these programs sooner!”

These stories, and many others like it are what inspired us to form the San Diego Military Family Collaborative to provide one coordinated place where military families can find resources and stay strong, healthy and connected.

From six organizations in 2010, the SDMFC grew by word of mouth and today comprises more than 400 representatives from over 100 unique public, private, faith-based, military, and governmental organizations. Social Advocates for Youth, San Diego provides fiscal oversight and staffing support.

Together as a community, in partnership with active duty, reservists, veterans, and their families, San Diego will give military men and women the just response deserving of their sacrifice and service.

Families and Communities Engaging for Students (FACES)

Elevate every child and family to a brighter future by promoting school success.

FACES partners with Miller Elementary staff, students, families, and local community services to support education and academic success.

Fun Fact: Miller Principal Stacy Jones reported in June 2016 that as a result of working with FACES, “Miller’s Average Daily Attendance was higher every single month [since October] this year when compared to the prior academic year!”

FACES Partners offer:

  • Tailored one-on-one connection to great resources on campus and in the community
  • Parent Cafes and family meet and greets
  • Regular campus-wide community events

44 families received individualized support and over 2000 parents and children attended FACES activities last year!

FACES is a collective initiative of SAY’s Military Family Collaborative. FACES Partners include:

  • Navy and Marine School Liaisions
  • Military Family Life Consultants
  • Operation Bigs
  • County of San Diego
  • Homefront San Diego
  • SDUSD—Office of Youth and Transition
  • and more

Successes and Highlights:

Academics and attendance:

  • “Miller’s Average Daily Attendance was higher every single month this year when compared to the prior academic year!” Stacy Jones, Miller Principal

Parent Cafés and workshops:

  • At least 90% of parents found the Cafés interesting, useful, informative, and applicable.
  • As a result of the Cafés, 90% of parents feel much/very much more connected to the school, 78% feel much/very much more connected to other parents, and 61% feel much/very much more connected to their neighborhood.
  • 85% were much/very much more likely to seek services and support for their family’s needs.

Art and Culture Night: 

  • “In my eighteen years of teaching at this school, I have never experienced an event like that. The atmosphere was so positive and we had such a great turn out.” Miller Elementary Teacher

2016 Block Party and Fun Run:

  • “That was the best day ever!” A young little girl to her father when leaving the party
  • “How do I go to this school?!!” A community member to the Miller school principal wanting to enroll her children
  • “Did you go to the Block Party on Saturday!!?” Students buzzing on the Monday following the event at school
  • Watch the slide show from the Block Party and Fun Run.

Location: Miller Elementary, Murphy Canyon/Tierrasanta

Funding Partner: United Way of San Diego

Sign Up Today: FACES welcomes all children and families living near and/or attending Miller Elementary. Stop in and get a free book!