Dads Corps

Military dads celebrate and face the challenges of parenthood together

Dads Corps provides opportunities for active duty and veteran fathers to learn to thrive as parents, partners, and providers. While military dads can regularly handle extreme demands with resourcefulness, parenthood presents its own unique challenges for which there is no field manual. Dads Corp offers a safe place for peer support.

Over 600 dads have participated since 2008! 

Services include:

  • 6–8 week meet-up groups with peer-to-peer discussion around topics like:
    • Family History
    • What it Means to be a Man
    • Showing and Handling Feelings
    • Men’s Health
    • Communication
    • The Father’s Role
    • Discipline
    • Children’s Growth
    • Getting Involved
    • Co-Parenting
    • Dad’s Work
  • Classes also seek to educate around child development, dealing with difficult behaviors, and navigating deployment/transitions.
  • Monthly alumni leadership groups
  • Scholarships for career advancement, training, and/or general support assistance (i.e. rental assistance, car repairs, family medical bills/costs, food/clothing, etc.)