Camp Move

Staying active physically and mentally when young promotes healthy living for a lifetime! During the summer months, when many students are removed from the regular routine of school, this becomes especially important. Participants enjoy numerous fitness activities focusing on nutrition, exercise, and healthy food choices, including fun field trips.

Camp Move is an up to nine-week program supporting school-age students, helping them stay active and healthy through a regular schedule of exercise during summer break and educating them on the benefits of nutrition, healthy eating, and lifetime wellness. At the end of each summer, Camp Move students leave the program with fitness tools that help them encourage friends and family members to stay active, too. Camp Move is a SAY San Diego licensed vacation program located at Dingeman Elementary (lic. #376600455) and Marvin Elementary (lic. #376600851).

Successes and Highlights: 90% of participants increased their knowledge on the importance of eating healthy and exercising.

Partners: Camp and vacation programs are offered in partnership with SAY’s before- and after-school sites within the San Diego Unified School District.


Camp Move registration for Summer 2022 is now open! Visit to register.

Program Hours:

Monday–Friday, 7:30am–5:30pm


Dingeman Elementary in our modular building
11838 Scripps Creek Dr., San Diego, CA 92131 [MAP]

Marvin Elementary
5720 Brunswick Ave, San Diego, CA 92120 [MAP]