Community Leadership & Advocacy Groups

Community Leadership & Advocacy Groups


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Advocates for Change Today (ACT)

Advocates for Change Today, or ACT, is a youth-led initiative launched by SAY San Diego to improve community health, safety, and substance abuse awareness among youth. It’s a year-round effort made up of youth leaders between ages 12 and 16, and a subset of our larger Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drug Prevention program.


Elevated students participate in leadership opportunities, public speaking trainings, camp retreats, and much more. Along with becoming active members in their community, students develop friendships with students from high schools across San Diego County by attending monthly Friday Night Live meetings. Members can also earn community service hours, learn the importance of civic engagement, and receive letters of recommendation.

Parent Student Resident Organization

Founded in 2012, Parent-Student-Resident Organization (PSRO) creates meaningful resident engagement around issues including education policy, student health, and leadership development for City Heights families. The PSRO primarily aims to improve family health and language access through community and school-based family health services.

PSRO Successes:

  • Advocated for increased funding for two additional counselors at Crawford High School, plus one more counselor at Mann Middle School to assist with growing student needs.
  • PSRO parents have gained a stronger leadership ability and deeper understanding of school funding, allowing them to make their voices truly heard.

The Collective

This coalition of San Diego LGBTQ+ youth and young adults (ages 17-26) works to prevent tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs from impacting the LGBTQ+ community . Through education, outreach, and advocacy, we educate, advocate and influence public policy to create a healthier San Diego.

Services Included:

  • Provide space and technical support through trainings, guest speakers, and engagement with community leaders.
  • Connections to local other LGBTQ+ services.

What I Wish My Parents Knew

What I Wish My Parents Knew is a county-wide safety, health, and wellness initiative aimed at supporting communities with a local forum. Communities are motivated to identify issues which impact their youth through targeted workshops, before addressing those issues directly through SAY San Diego resources, field experts, and gathering support of fellow youth, adults, and local leaders.

Services Include:

  • Workshops for conflict communication and resolution
  • Youth training through respective clubs




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