Fulfilling the Vision of Preschool for All

From Nancy Gannon Hornberger, CEO 

Happy 2018! Here at SAY San Diego, not only does the important work of 2017 continue into 2018 – our 47th year – we also think about new possibilities and opportunities! As an organization, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond where we have resources and competencies to bring and to share. Therefore, coming into 2018, we are investing in innovation to solve some of our region’s pressing problems.
One such pressing problem is the high need for affordable, top quality early learning, child care and preschool. Beyond limited publicly-subsidized preschools, few preschool options exist for low and low-to-moderate income parents in San Diego. The typical monthly cost of quality child care and preschool is more than monthly tuition at San Diego State, upwards of $800-$1200 each month, per child. Understandably, for working families of any income level the pressures of affordability are greater here than many other areas, since San Diego is among the nation’s most expensive locations to raise a family, and the local self-sufficiency wage is well above the federal poverty level.
Among SAY San Diego’s clients are parents with young children across a wide socio-economic spectrum, continuously searching for, but not finding, child care and preschool options they can afford. Our experience is reinforced by research citing that nearly 70% of all local families with young children cannot find affordable, high quality preschool[1].
SAY San Diego has undertaken a major planning initiative, which will come to fruition in 2018, to expand affordable, high quality preschool. There’s no question that high-quality preschool is related to higher levels of behavioral/emotional functioning, school readiness, academic achievement, educational attainment, and eventual income[2]. It also enables many parents to work and grow in their jobs.
The early years of a child’s life are so fleeting and precious. We are excited to tackle this local challenge. For more information contact me at any time: gro.o1521595418geidn1521595418asyas1521595418@ycna1521595418n1521595418. In addition, perhaps you will consider helping with resources for our preschool expansion? Please see: Pass the Hat for Preschool – our campaign which receives additional bonus funds now through January 28.
Many thanks for your ongoing partnership and support!
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