What a Difference a Year Makes

Your Support Changes Lives


By the time he was 16, Jeff was on probation, struggling with a cocaine addiction, and failing at home and school. He was quickly on the path to becoming a statistic – another youth in the San Diego justice system, or worse. His family felt helpless and spent many worrisome nights wondering what bad news they would get next.

Fortunately, the court mandated Jeff’s participation in SAY’s Reflections program, where he received the right help and changed the negative course of his life in less than a year. Reflections provided both Jeff and his family with intensive counseling, and private funding from SAY supporters helped Jeff’s family with emergency food and essentials. Individual donations of as little as $10 provided Jeff with shoes and clothing so that he could participate in a confidence-building running club for Reflections youth.

About halfway through his enrollment at Reflections, Jeff started to see hope in his future. He started asking his counselors how to start the process toward a life of sobriety, and as Jeff committed to additional counseling, other areas of his life started to improve as well. His grades improved and he is on track to receive his high school diploma in June. He was even approved for a school internship, which led to a job.

This holiday season, Jeff and his family are filled with hope and focused on the future. Reflections serves an average of 125 youth ages 12-17 annually, with 90% staying out of trouble while in the program.

Your gifts to SAY San Diego make a difference. Reflections is one of 30 programs SAY provides to youth, families, and communities every day. Thank you for your support. If you are considering a donation to SAY this holiday season, Farmers Insurance will add to your gift through our Champions for Youth campaign.

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