Bridge the Child Care Gap

Connecting Kids, Caretakers, and Career Growth with Onsite Employer Childcare

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Fill the Gap Between Parental Leave and Preschool

Overcome Churn by Supporting Your Employees with Onsite Employer ChildCare

Top-tier talent often leave their careers behind because they can’t bridge the gap between professional commitments and raising young children.

Onsite workplace child care resolves these challenges by bringing kids, caretakers, and career growth under the same roof – yours! This bridge between parental leave and preschool will help you recruit and retain more A-players, increase productivity, and enhance your corporate image.

SAY San Diego’s Onsite Child Care Consulting program can help you establish an onsite employer childcare program for children of employees at your location.

Why Bridging the Child Care Gap is a Good Investment for San Diego Employers

Enhance Business Prospects by Nurturing New Parents

Make recruiting easier by widening your talent pool
Increase retention by catering to staff through early parenthood
Increase productivity via less absenteeism, less tardiness, and fewer distractions
Improve workforce diversity, e.g. more women on staff
Align policies with corporate values, e.g. work-life balance and women in leadership
Enhance your corporate image with staff, customers, suppliers, competitors, etc.

Recoup costs through tuition from staff and community

How The Onsite Child Care
Consulting Process Works

Step One


Find out if your organization can offer sustainable and affordable onsite child care

Step Two

Construction & Licensing

We help adapt your facility to meet established milestones for high-quality onsite child care

Step Three

Operations & Enrollment

Hire staff, outreach to enroll students, and monitor services for consistent performance

See if Onsite Child Care is a Good Fit For Your Organization

Download our brochure for an in-depth look at what it takes to offer onsite child care as an employee benefit, including facilities requirements, financial implications, relevant regulations, and more.

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Girl enjoying learning at her onsite child care classes

Common Questions About Onsite Employer ChildCare Consulting

What are the potential benefits for my company?

Workplace child care is a direct benefit that other employers can’t match with referrals or subsidies.

In addition to your enhanced corporate image, you’ll benefit by recruiting from a wider talent pool, retaining staff as they move through early parenthood, and increasing productivity as your team’s work-life balance improves.

Onsite Childcare Consulting
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