Community Services for Families

The Community Services for Families (CSF) program provides direct services to families involved with or at risk of involvement with Child Welfare in Central or North Central regions who can benefit from parenting assistance and support. Services include in-home parenting education and parenting classes using evidence-based models proven to be effective. The goal of the CSF program is to promote child safety, child and family well-being, to prevent children from being placed outside the home and to ensure stable living environments.

SAY San Diego provides the CSF program in designated neighborhoods in San Diego (Central and North Central regions).  The service is available throughout the County through other providers: South Bay Community Services (South region), Home Start (East region), and North County Lifeline (North Coastal/North Inland regions).

100% of families in need of assistance with establishing immunizations or well-child visits were connected within three months.

100% of families received training and information on the importance of child nutrition and obesity prevention.

*Funded by the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency, Child Welfare Services