Parent Student Resident Organization

Advocating for Healthy Students, Supportive Schools, and Educational Equality

Founded in 2012, Parent-Student-Resident Organization (PSRO) supports and organizes meaningful resident engagement on issues such as education policy, improving the health of students, and leadership development for families in City Heights. The PSRO aims to enable families to have better health, language access, and improved community-based and school-based family support and health services. The PSRO has successfully engaged and trained hundreds of residents in advocacy and community organizing, and advocates for changes within their community.

Members of the PSRO make up several culture and language groups including, but not limited to: Swahili, Somali, Kizigua, Karen, and Spanish.


  • PSRO advocated for increased funding for Crawford High School for two additional counselors, and for one additional counselor at Mann Middle School to help with growing student needs. Counselors offer extra support to newly arrived refugee and immigrant students.
  • PSRO parents now have leadership ability to understand school funding processes and the various channels and venues to make their voices hears.

Funding Partners: The California Endowment