Fall 2021-2022 registration is now OPEN for preschool and school-age care for summer and fall programs.

SAY San Diego’s preschools and early childhood centers promote, nurture, and enhance all areas of your baby or child’s development. The programs provide safe, secure, flexible, and stimulating environments, supported by warm and caring staff responsive to the children’s emerging needs, interests, growth and self-esteem.

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Locations include:

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SAY Preschools serve children age 3–5, and our Early Childhood Center serves children 6 weeks to 5 years. Click on the specific center links above to view location schedules, pricing, enrollment, and eligibility information. SAY’s Preschool Program offers a culturally and developmentally appropriate curriculum with a balance of activities designed to foster creativity, independent thought, and a positive self-concept.

  • Computer Lab: young children build literacy skills while learning computer technology. This is a vitally important tool crucial for young children’s academic success.
  • Art and Music: Arts curriculum provides opportunities for children to explore a variety of mediums and encourages creativity. Critical thinking skills are developed as children discover how art materials and musical instruments work.
  • Science and Nature: Teachers utilize the classroom as well as the outdoors to teach children to care about the earth and our environment. Through exploration children test their predictions, make comparisons, and explore their world.
  • Language and Listening: Language exposure encourages early reading skills and develops children into lifelong readers. Children begin to experiment with letter sounds and creating symbols.
  • World Languages: Language curriculum provides opportunities for children to hear and experience different cultures first hand through songs, rhymes, and art.

Successes and Highlights:

Robust evidence shows huge benefits of preschool to children’s socio-emotional development and health:

  • Stimulates interactions that support learning, social, and emotional development.
  • Improves children’s early language, literacy, and mathematics.
  • Grows and prepares youth for kindergarten and ongoing school success.

The Desired Results System has been established by the California Department of Education (CDE), Child Development Division (CDD) to ensure program quality. The Desired Results System consists of the following goals:

  • Children are personally and socially competent
  • Children are effective learners
  • Children show physical and motor competence
  • Children are safe and healthy
  • Families support their child’s learning development
  • Families achieve their goals

Partners: Preschools are offered in partnership with San Diego Unified School District.  See specific center site links for pricing.