Celebrate Earth Day by Opening the Outdoors

Thank you to the San Diego Foundation for choosing SAY San Diego as one of its Opening the Outdoors Program grantees! This year, 31 nonprofits, including SAY San Diego, will collaborate to leave a lasting impact in the region by:

  • Engaging more than 10,000 youth
  • Working alongside more than 2,000 volunteers
  • Improving 5,000 acres of natural space
  • Installing 2,000 native plants across the region
  • Building and enhancing 7 miles of trail systems

“SAY San Diego will provide unique experiences for underserved youth in central and southeast San Diego by connecting the environment with the arts. Students will become outdoor advocates and learn how to use photography to document and raise awareness about the importance of topics, such as conservation and environmental justice. The project will culminate in a community-wide exhibition where 100 students will present their visual findings to local leaders and promote civic engagement of environmental challenges.”

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