Intrepid Theatre School Tour Taking Refugees’ Stories to Students

From San Diego Union Tribune
By James Hebert

  • Intrepid Theatre is taking its performance project about San Diego refugee students on a tour that the company hopes will reach 20 area schools this year.
  • The project, “Exiled Voices,” originally told the stories of 13 young refugees, as interpreted by a variety of local songwriters, choreographers and other artists.
  • The touring version, which launched recently in Chula Vista, is a streamlined version that has a couple of the artists performing and talking about their works.
  • Intrepid is also now in the early stages of developing a new project about the “DREAMERers,” in partnership with SAY San Diego.

One year ago, the stories of 13 young refugees from around the world played out on the stage of downtown’s Horton Grand Theatre via dance, spoken word, song and other original creative works.

In the time since Intrepid Theatre premiered “Exiled Voices: The Refugee Art Project,” a number of those works’ subjects — who were all Crawford High School students at the time — have graduated or moved away from San Diego.

But their struggles and triumphs continue to reverberate — this time on a whole new series of stages.


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