Celebrating Families

From Nancy Gannon Hornberger, CEO

June offers time to reflect on the importance of family, in its many forms. At SAY San Diego, we invest in the whole family, as defined by the family, and in improving neighborhood and social conditions, to empower equity, opportunity, and well-being for children. One hallmark of our work is use of family strengthening practices across many programs. The evidence based family strengthening approach is family centered, valuing and recognizing family input and involvement; family-strengthening, engaging multiple solutions to enable families to be strong, healthy, and safe; embracing of diversity; and supportive of community connections and collaboration.

In keeping with the family-strengthening approach, last month we wrote about Project KEEP, which provides a solid support system for foster and kinship caregivers of children ages 5-18 years. Below, you will learn more about Dads Corps, SAY San Diego’s unique program that provides peer support and educational opportunities for active duty and veteran military fathers.

This month, we are also thrilled to announce that SAY San Diego has been recognized for its leadership with two awards. Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program and its entire staff team were recognized by the San Diego County Probation Department for their leadership in Evidence Based Treatment Practice. Then on June 14, SAY will receive national recognition with the Organizational Excellence Award given by the Network for Social Work Management.