Celebrating SAY San Diego Volunteers!

From Nancy Gannon Hornberger, CEO

Each and every day, volunteers, business partners, community and student service groups, and interns pursing their academic goals give the gifts of their talent and time to SAY San Diego. They form the heart of our community!

Our volunteers contribute in a wide variety of ways, as role models, experts in law, tax, design, real estate, and as tutors, event organizers, counselors, video producers, photographers, interpreters and translators, coaches and leaders of youth development and recreational activities, as well as community leaders and board members. SAY’s fantastic volunteer force outnumbers our workforce, allowing us to reach more people than our financial resources would otherwise allow. Our volunteers and interns give meaningfully of themselves to the tens of thousands of children, youth, and families who make up SAY San Diego’s clients and communities.

In celebration of National Volunteer Month, we are pleased to applaud our wonderful volunteers and interns! They remind us: “the heart that gives, gathers” (Lao Tzu). With this in mind, our volunteer and program teams are dedicated to making the SAY San Diego volunteer experience a true “win-win!” As our volunteers create opportunities and resources for our program participants and communities, we are committed to creating terrific opportunities for diverse, talented volunteers to contribute and learn.

For more information on volunteer opportunities please click here.