Connection and Support are Keys to Mental Health

SAY San Diego has the important and sensitive role of serving as a mental health (and behavioral health) resource and provider for children, youth, and families across the County. During May, Mental Health Awareness Month, we wish to highlight some of our mental health and behavioral health treatment resources for the community.

Our school-based mental health program connects youth and their families to assessment and therapy to overcome mental health challenges and empowers them to live up to their full potential in school and at home. Appointment times are flexible, and services are culturally and linguistically appropriate. Client- and family-driven services are provided at home, work, or at designated school sites.

We have many SAY San Diego programs which promote mental well-being, focuses on treatment and recovery for court-involved youth. Reflections offers a collaborative approach with County Probation and the County Office of Education for youth ages 12–17 and their families. Participants receive support from a highly skilled team of probation officers, therapists, a psychiatrist, substance abuse counselors, and teachers. At Reflections, we have emphasized the unique value of therapeutic writing which enables teens to express their own realities including isolation, fear, and anxiety, as well as their hopes for connection and change.

An excerpt from one young poet’s writing states:

“My life is rough

My mom is all I have, but I treat her bad sometimes

She’s a drug addict and can’t get a house

I’m worried about being homeless again

I have lost many friends


My life is rough

I always have dreams and thoughts of being on a boat alone

I need help getting onto a better road

I reach out for help, but everyone seems to let go …”

Evidence-based therapies, coupled with wraparound support and innovative approaches like therapeutic writing, give youth healing from trauma and facing hardships greater skills and resilience, increasing their chances of becoming healthy in every dimension and getting their lives back on track. Since one in five adolescents experiences a mental health challenge of some magnitude, it is critically important to ensure home-based, school-based, and community-based connections and support.

As a Live Well San Diego partner and a vision-driven agency, SAY San Diego is pleased to recommend the resources for all ages developed by our County Health and Human Services Agency. Find information on issues ranging from wellness and prevention to treatment and recovery in English and Spanish.