Preventing and Reducing Family and Domestic Violence

A message from President & CEO Nancy Gannon Hornberger

dvawarenesscardfrontAs human beings we hope for, work for, and count on healthy, safe, and loving relationships. We are social beings and our relationships with others define us. Healthy relationships begin with one’s relationship to oneself – shaped by early family life and how we have been parented and cared for. They extend to relationships with peers, friends, adults outside of the family sphere, and with romantic attachments.  How we act and relate to community and the larger society round out the picture.

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Off to School We Go!

Back to School Tips for Parents from SAY San Diego

A message from SAY San Diego President & CEO Nancy Gannon Hornberger

As parents, we may dread or long for the first day of school, and the same is true for our kids. Either way, it’s quite a change after a summer break, typically filled with unstructured time, later morning wake-ups, no daily homework, more friend and family time, and significantly more “screen” time. Here are some tips to make it work a bit better.

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