Media Advisory: SAY San Diego Early Childhood Center

Media Advisory for Friday, November 15, 2019

SAY San Diego Early Childhood Center in Kearny Mesa Opens


A lack of affordable, high quality early childhood care throughout San Diego area is an enormous obstacle that adversely affects children’s readiness for Kindgergarten and school, and creates barriers to employment and career development for new parents.  In partnership with the Guy C. Clum Fund at The San Diego Foundation, SAY San Diego is opening its first workplace childcare program for infants 6 weeks to 24 months and preschoolers 2 to 5 years old.  The SAY San Diego Early Childhood Center offers accessible, affordable and high-quality child care to its employees and community parents in a nature-themed setting.  With a $500,000 grant from the Guy C. Clum Fund at The San Diego Foundation, SAY San Diego was able to pursue its vision of creating greater equity and opportunity for young families. SAY’s center offers flex fees based on household income and an innovative model and consulting team to assist local employers to develop child-care centers at their own workplaces.

For nearly 50 years, Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) San Diego has been committed to opportunity, equity, and well-being for all San Diegans, and currently strengthens children, families, and communities through more than 30 programs.


Nancy Gannon Hornberger, President & CEO, SAY San Diego
LaDreda Lewis, Board President, SAY San Diego
Mark Stuart, President & CEO, The San Diego Foundation
Nathan Fletcher, County of San Diego Supervisor, District 4
Chris Ward, City of San Diego Councilmember, District 3
Chris Cate, City of San Diego Councilmember, District 6
Nick Macchione, Agency Director, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
Bob Cote, Business Relations Director, Better Business Bureau – Pacific Southwest


November 15, 2019


10:00am – Refreshments and Tours
10:15am – Welcome Remarks from San Diego Leaders
10:30am – Ribbon Cutting and Photos
10:45am – Center open for photos/videos


SAY San Diego Early Childhood Center, 4775 Viewridge Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123


Infant care center (infants may be on site and likely sleeping)
Access to preschool classroom and playground (preschoolers engaged in activities)
Staff tours & parent interviews
*Pre-event tours and interviews available on request


High Resolution Photos available on request


Suzie Colby at or 760.237.8118

Social Host Ordinance

The City of San Diego updated its Social Host Ordinance law to include marijuana and other drugs in addition to alcohol. SAY San Diego’s Lisa Bridges, Program Manager with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention program, spoke to NBC 7’s Danny Freeman.

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Workplace Early Childhood Center

ABC 10 News reporter, Jeff Lasky, visited SAY San Diego’s Jerabek Preschool and spoke with CEO, Nancy Gannon Hornberger, about our plan to open a workplace Early Childhood Center. Thanks to a generous grant from the Guy C. Clum Fund at The San Diego Foundation, the Early Childhood Center will serve as a model to local employers to inform and encourage them to develop child-care centers at their own workplaces.

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SAY San Diego Gets Major Support to Expand Early Childhood Opportunities

This week, The San Diego Foundation received $13.8 million from local philanthropist Guy C. Clum to make preschool financially accessible to more San Diego families. SAY San Diego is thrilled to be one of four organizations selected for the initial phase of grant-making and received $500,000 to launch a workplace-based early childhood center, set to open in early 2019, at its new office in Kearny Mesa. The center will provide an important early childhood education advantage to children ages 5 weeks through 5 years. The center will also be a model for local employers, to inform and encourage them to develop child-care centers at their own workplaces. The center and workplace child care project are key parts of SAY San Diego’s commitment to improve child development outcomes and strengthen families. “This generous grant enables SAY San Diego to take a truly exciting step, which directly translates into life-changing opportunities and greater educational equity for more San Diego children and families,” says Nancy Gannon Hornberger, SAY San Diego CEO. “We are honored by this wonderful gift, and Mr. Clum’s leadership.”

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Crime-Free Housing

SAY San Diego is pleased to partner with the San Diego Police Department to host open houses for the crime-free multi-family housing program. Crime-free multi-housing brings a hands-on, collaborative approach to reduce crime, drugs, and gangs in apartment communities. SAY San Diego facilitates the engagement of residents and property managers in training and information sessions designed to help them be more aware and proactive in preventing crime.


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Rising Concerns about Vaping

Concerns about vaping are on the rise as manufacturers appear to be marketing to children and teens with packaging that mimics candy, treats and juice boxes. Vape shops continue to open in close proximity to schools as well. It’s estimated that 11 percent of all American high school students are using e-cigarettes. Staff from SAY San Diego’s Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention Program spoke to CBS News 8 and the San Diego Reader about this trend.

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Intrepid Theatre School Tour Taking Refugees’ Stories to Students

From San Diego Union Tribune
By James Hebert

  • Intrepid Theatre is taking its performance project about San Diego refugee students on a tour that the company hopes will reach 20 area schools this year.
  • The project, “Exiled Voices,” originally told the stories of 13 young refugees, as interpreted by a variety of local songwriters, choreographers and other artists.
  • The touring version, which launched recently in Chula Vista, is a streamlined version that has a couple of the artists performing and talking about their works.
  • Intrepid is also now in the early stages of developing a new project about the “DREAMERers,” in partnership with SAY San Diego.

One year ago, the stories of 13 young refugees from around the world played out on the stage of downtown’s Horton Grand Theatre via dance, spoken word, song and other original creative works.

In the time since Intrepid Theatre premiered “Exiled Voices: The Refugee Art Project,” a number of those works’ subjects — who were all Crawford High School students at the time — have graduated or moved away from San Diego.

But their struggles and triumphs continue to reverberate — this time on a whole new series of stages.


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SAY San Diego Partners with Vista Community Clinic

Clinic Gets $2.6M Grant to Fight Smoking

From San Diego Union Tribune
By Linda McIntosh

The Vista Community Clinic received a $2.6 million grant to bolster its efforts to fight tobacco-related disease among area Hispanic and Latino residents in North County and in neighboring Orange County.

The five-year grant from the California Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program is slated to support the nonprofit clinic in its efforts to promote programs that help community members stop smoking and activities that discourage youths from smoking.

The funds are also earmarked for programs that educate the community about the dangers of secondhand smoke and how to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in places such as apartment complexes and trade schools. As part of the pilot project, clinic staff will receive training to help them educate the public on ways they can improve their health by quitting smoking.

The project is slated to include California Smokers’ Helpline materials and services.

The clinic is partnering with two other nonprofits on the project: SAY (Social Advocates for Youth) San Diego and America on Track based in Santa Ana, which provides resources and mentors for disadvantaged families.

The Vista Community Clinic operates out of seven locations in Vista and Oceanside, serving more than 57,000 North County residents. The clinic also runs two facilities in Riverside and Orange counties. Many of its community health education programs are free and open to all community members.

SAY San Diego Receives Legacy Grant from Las Patronas

From the La Jolla Light
By Ashley Mackin-Solomon

Legacy grant recipient SAY San Diego vice president of resource development Suzie Colby, Las Patronas member Lindsay Stevens, SAY San Diego CEO Nancy Gannon Hornberger and 2017 Jewel Ball co-chair Alison Lee

The second Legacy Grant, collected from Legacy Society members who have included the Las Patronas Endowment Fund in their planned giving, went to Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) San Diego. The $3,832 will help the organization purchase 10 laptops to assist in tax preparation services.

“A question that comes up often is why a youth organization has a tax assistance program?” said SAY San Diego CEO Nancy Gannon Hornberger. “When we see youth struggling because they do not have school supplies, their shoes don’t fit or they have a dental need that goes unattended, we ask how we can enrich them by empowering their families. For 20 years, we’ve been part of an Earned Income Tax Credit collaborative that provides tax assistance to families that are trying to make ends meet. They are working hard and that $25 or $50 extra a month could mean another bag of groceries or school supplies.

“These 10 laptops help us come into the modern era to work with more families go where people live. Last year, we reached 1,000 families, and this year, we expect to reach many hundreds more.”

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